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  • Video: Honolulu Fish Company Chef Michael Crouch

    Aug 14 2017

    In this video, Honolulu Fish Company loyal customer chef Michael Crouch of Bistro 1860 in Louisville, KY shares why he chooses to serve H...

  • Wayne's Grilling Tips

    Jul 20 2017

    Honolulu Fish Company CEO Wayne Samiere gives his tips for grilling delicious fish this summer: What Seafood Works Well on the Grill?• Th...

  • Video: Honolulu Fish Co. Overnight Fresh Fish Delivery

    May 02 2017

    Want a behind-the-scenes look at how we deliver quality, fresh seafood overnight to our restaurant customers across the U.S.? Check out t...

  • We Love Poke!

    Apr 10 2017

    In Hawaii, our go-to dish at any party, gathering, holiday, lunch, dinner, you name it, is Poke! This dish is trending across the U.S., b...

  • How to store fresh fish

    Mar 20 2017

    Not sure how to store fresh fish? Check out our step-by-step video that shows you what to do the minute your fish arrives at your doorste...

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