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Hawaiian Ahi, Scottish Steelhead & Kona Kanpachi Sashimi 6.5 lbs

Sashimi Cut

Hawaiian Ahi (Bigeye Tuna) - 2 lb Sashimi Cut - Hawaiian Ahi (Bigeye Tuna) Ultra is the very best grade of fresh Ahi available in the world. The meat is translucent and brilliant red. 

Scottish Steelhead - 2.5 lb Avg Sashimi Cut- From the cold, pristine, and cold Loch Etives, this Steelhead species is unlike any other. Bright candy orange meat, striped with bright white clean fat lines, presents a flavor that directly reflects the waters they live in. Eaten raw, pure and clean flavors make this an unmatched tasting experience. 

Kona Kanpachi - 2 lb Sashimi Cut - Ocean raised fish. Distinctly fresh, sashimi-grade white fish, raised sustainably in the waters off Hawaii. The clear blue waters of Hawaii is the only place in the world where Kanpachi are grown in the ocean. Expect a fat content that is higher than hamachi and a silky texture with the look of candy glass. We find its very rich and deep olive oil taste to be the best part.