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Environment & Community

Honolulu Fish Company (HFC) integrates environmentally conscious practices throughout its entire enterprise. The company stays on top of the latest technologies for safe fishing practices as well as health and wellness information pertaining to seafood.

Helping the earth…

No Net Fishing — Net fishing destroys the natural habitat of seafood, while hook-caught wild fish harvesting has the lowest environmental impact of any fishing method. All HFC products are exclusively hook caught. Also, HFC does not allow its buyers to purchase fish that have not reached reproductive maturity, and 100 percent of fish body parts are utilized.


Zero Fish Waste — HFC is committed to fully utilizing all parts of the fish. We fillet off the marketable parts for our customers, then make a concerted effort to distribute the remaining parts for recycling back into agricultural supplements.

It would be far less costly to simply dispose of fish waste product, as our recycling efforts don’t bring any income. But, we believe every molecule of something so great should be utilized for the purpose of giving back to the land. That is Hawaiian tradition and ours!

Building seafood markets for bycatch…

Solving bycatch issues - Developing marketing strategies for lesser known species encourages fishermen and the whole fishing community to use everything that is caught. HFC has invested much time, effort and money to find seafood markets for these fish, but also to solve bycatch discarding issues for the fishermen. A creature that has lived for many years should be respected, and its value can be expressed by placing it in a seafood market where it is appreciated. This is also the Hawaiian way.

Heath benefits of seafood…

HFC fresh fish are analyzed for naturally occurring omega-3 content. The list of health benefits of consuming fish is long and growing every day as researchers have found substantial results from diets that are rich in fish. We are pleased to sell a product with such a healthy profile.

Innovative business practices…

Food safety techniques — HFC installed a track back system to our processing procedure. We now can track the distribution of every ounce of a fish to our customers.