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What makes Honolulu Fish Company unique?

Honolulu Fish Company prides itself for being one of the top sashimi distributors in the world, offering 14 species of sashimi-grade fish from Hawaiian and Pacific waters. Just as there is an art to cooking and preparing meals, there is also an art to hand-selecting sashimi. At Honolulu Fish Company, we believe in our art and our product. We offer consistent high quality, reliable delivery and maximum value for the products you purchase from us.

How do I know you are sustainable?

Net fishing destroys the natural habitat, while hook-caught wild fish harvesting has the lowest environmental impact of any fishing method. All HFC products are exclusively hook caught. Also, HFC does not allow its buyers to purchase fish that have not reached reproductive maturity, and 100 percent of fish body parts are utilized. Hawaiian fisheries meet national and international requirements for responsible fisheries, sustainability and conservation. Click here for more information.

What types of fish do you offer?

Honolulu Fish Company sells more than 30 varieties of the world’s most coveted Pacific water seafood species, including 14 species of sashimi-grade fish. Check out our online store or give us a call to learn more.

What does sashimi-grade mean?

True sashimi can be enjoyed raw without any seasonings. Only the freshest fish with a rich oil content and candy-like texture are considered sashimi-grade. Our fish are selected one-by-one by sashimi experts, and with 90% of our sales sashimi driven we are a national leader in our field.

What is the difference between natural cut and signature cut fillets and how does this affect my shipping cost?

You have the option to choose your preferred fish fillet cut and shipping cost. A Natural Cut fillet will be shipped with the skin and bloodline intact with free shipping only for fish orders online weighing more than 20 lbs. A Signature Cut fillet will be shipped with the skin and bloodline removed, available for 3 pound fillets only, with free shipping. Read more about our select fillet cuts and shipping here.

Do you offer all types of fish during all seasons of the year?

Much like your favorite fruits and vegetables, fish are seasonal. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, here at the HFC we only buy and sell fish that has been properly caught and is in season. You can count on us to keep close tabs on what is available and plentiful each month, week and day.

What seafood safety tips do you recommend?

There are many steps to take in protecting yourself from mislabeled fish. You can always trust a reliable distributor, like HFC, to provide the safest, high-quality fish. Educating yourself, however, if your biggest tool. Check out these articles on seafood safety from our owner Wayne Samiere in Food Safety and CNN Eatocracy.

How do I place an order for fish online?

You can conveniently order fish online through our online store or call us at (888) 475-6244.

How fast can I receive my order of fish online?

Located just minutes from the docks, Honolulu Fish Company purchases, packages and prepares its product to arrive at U.S. destinations within 48 hours depending on delivery location.

After the fish are hand selected and inspected by HFC experts at the Honolulu docks, they are loaded into an ice-filled truck and delivered to Honolulu Fish Company. From there a state-of-the-art process is used to clean the fish.

Will my fish stay cold? Is my fish frozen?

The fish are filleted and cut to the clients’ specifications and vacuum-sealed using the company’s sophisticated packing system. Packed by experienced technicians, HFC offers a 100% guarantee that its product will stay 40 degrees or less for 48 hours. Your fish stays fresh and is NEVER frozen.

Do you have a return policy if I am unhappy with my order of fish online?

At 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. We value your opinions and encourage your communication with us. Upon receipt of your online fish order, if you suspect your Fresh Fish purchased has a quality issue, please email and a customer service representative will contact you immediately.

Who do I contact for assistance with my order of fish online?

Please call us at (808)833-1123 or email us at