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Red Deep Sea Crab And Kauai Prawns 5 lbs

Red Deep Sea Sweet Crab - 2.5 lb Exclusive Fancy Pak (Frozen) (layered body, merus, claw meat. No shell) All the beautiful large lump meat of the claws and legs are layered elegantly on top and individually separated so you can use for many different type of dishes. Sweet red crab meat taste like no others. 

Kauai U8/U12 Prawns - 2.5 lb Pak (Frozen) Hands down, this is the best shrimp you'll ever taste. Known for its sweet flavor, superior texture and stunning visual appeal, Kauai Shrimp™ is the preferred choice of Kauai's and Hawaii's top chefs.Kauai shrimp are raised in pristine, well sourced, salt water and fed a high quality diet with NO chemicals or antibiotics ever used. Combine all this with Kekaha's sunny weather and West Kauai aloha, and you have simply the best shrimp you’ll ever taste.