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Natural vs. Signature Cut Fillets

New Natural Cut and Signature Cut Fish Fillet Sizes

One goal of our NEW website is to offer home cooks and consumers a greater value on our fresh, premium Hawaiian fish and reduce natural resource wastefulness.

We are offering you the very same seafood you can enjoy at renowned restaurants across the U.S. and the very same professional cut used by the Master Chefs.

You will now have the option to choose your preferred fish fillet cut and shipping cost.

A Natural Cut fillet will be shipped with the skin and trim intact.

Minimum order is 3 lbs.

  • This ensures the fish stays even fresher upon delivery and allows us to offer you more fish for the money.
  • In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, it is the most economical and least wasteful cut.
  • Although the skin and trim are edible, both should be removed before preparing your fish for cooking at home.

A Signature Cut fillet will be shipped with the skin and bloodline removed (available for 3 pound fillets only).

Free Shipping and minimum order is 3 lbs.*

  • This cut is offered for your convenience to save time during fish preparation for cooking at home.

    Available fillet sizes will be shown on the product pages. Please note, we no longer provide fish steak portions.

    *View our shipping rates.

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