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Today's Catch of Fresh Fish

King Salmon And Ono

1 lb King Salmon Sashimi Cut - King salmon is the most popular tasting salmon of all the species of salmons.  Our king salmon is an entirely unique genetic strain of King Salmon bred for extremely rich taste and much higher oil content. There is no other salmon anywhere in the world that compares in delicious taste. Sashimi Grade, fresh, skin off, pinboned, 100% pure sashimi cut.

1 lb Hawaiian Ono - ‘Ono’ is a Hawaiian word meaning “delicious”. Only found in Hawaiian waters, Ono cooks up snow white and has a tuna like texture. Served raw, Ono has a smooth velvety feel and a sweet, buttery taste. Fantastic for raw applications, great for grilling or searing. Sashimi grade, fresh, skin off.