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Japan BBQ Teppo Gushi Skewers Grill Kit With Hokkaido Rice

Japanese 'yakiniku' style barbeque meets Hawaii's wild caught grilling greats! This kit matches the rich oils of premium Swordfish and Select Ahi with both a _ and _ flavored sauce. Spike it with Arashiro salt and round off each skewer bite with sweet mochi rice!

Kit ingredients:

Hawaiian Select Ahi - 1 lb Sashimi Cut

Hawaiian Wildcaught Swordfish - 1 lb Sashimi Cut

Gyukaku Yakiniku Japan BBQ Sauce (Black)

Japanese yaki niku style barbeque sauce - shoyu flavor

Gyukaku Yakiniku Japan BBQ Sauce (Gold) Japanese yaki niku style barbeque sauce - thick, sweet soy flavor
Nanatsuboshi Super Premium Rice from Hokkaido

Small farms in Japan's northern island,     fresh mille to order in Honolulu

Japanese Arashio Salt Sea salt from Shikoku Japan
Teppo Gushi skewers Japanese bamboo skewers
Pastry brush Sauce glazing application