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Today's Catch of Fresh Fish

Hawaiian Ultra Ahi And Japan Hamachi Nigiri Sushi Set

This kiit features Hawaii's top sashimi grade ahi and Japan Hamachi flown in from Japan farm fresh, never frozen. Creamy white with fat and high in oil makes our Hamachi experience exceptional. Fresh Hamachi will never have a muted flavor. Both will burst with buttery sweetness that is almost a shame to cook. Pair with premium sushi rice from Hokkaido and authentic Japan sourced seasonings for unmatched sushi right in your kitchen!

Sushi Kit ingredients:

Ultra Ahi - 1 lb Sashimi Cut

Hamachi - 1 lb Sashimi Cut

Nanatsuboshi Super Premium Sushi Rice from Hokkaido, 1 lb

Small farms in Japan's northern island,     fresh milled to order in Honolulu

Sushihane Yakinori Fresh Roasted Japanese seaweed wraps
Yamasa Sashimi Shoyu  "Usu-kuchi" or "light mouth" mild soy sauce made for sashimi
Mizkan Sushi Rice Seasoning Mild rice vinegar adds sweetness; salt and bonito balances the flavor of sushi rice 
Kinjirushi grated wasabi paste Mountain water grown, real Japanese wasabi horseradish
Nigiri Sushi Press dip in water for non-stick easy shapi

Ingredient brand substitutions may be required based on availability at time of shipping