Today's Catch of Fresh Fish

Hawaiian BAR-B-Q Fish Kit With Hawaii Sugarcane Skewers, Nori Furikake And Hokkaido Rice

BBQ with a Hawaiian twist featuring island grill favorites Ono (Wahoo) and Select bigeye ahi. Lace cubes of sashimi with this notorious island sauce and skewer on juicy shards of sweet Hawaiian sugarcane.

Kit ingredients:

Hawaiian Select Ahi - 1 lb Sashimi Cut

Hawaiian Ono - 1 lb Sashimi Cut

NOH Hawaiian Barbeque Sauce

An island favorite bbq taste for the grill or pan

Nanatsuboshi Super Premium Rice from Hokkaido Small farms in Japan's northern island,     fresh milled to order in Honolulu
Mishima Komi Nori  Furikake rice seasoning Japanese nori (seaweed) seasoning for a sprinkle or avalanche topping
Hawaiian Sugarcane Skewers Organic Hawaii grown sugarcane skewers are juicy and chewable