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Gifts and Subscriptions

Give the gift of Ahi, Wild Caught Hawaiian Tuna!

Whether it’s for you, or a food-loving friend or family member, we have three gift packages that showcase our Ahi, the best Hawaiian wild-caught tuna you can purchase. The Ahi in your gift package will be personally selected by Wayne Samiere, the owner of Honolulu Fish Company, and the experts on his team. Sashimi-grade Ahi is a versatile tuna for a variety of recipes, whether raw or cooked. It is known for its high oil content and buttery flavor. The ahi will be shipped using the company’s packaging system, which guarantees the fish will stay ice cold till it reaches the lucky recipient. It will be shipped via FedEx everywhere in the United States, meaning the fish goes from the ocean to its final destination within 48 hours.

Gift Certificates

NEW! We are now offering digital Gift Certificates — perfect for any occasion! Want to give the gift of fresh Hawaiian seafood but don’t know what your gift recipient prefers? Let our gift certificates save the day! Order online and have them emailed instantly to the recipient or yourself to print and wrap. To order, click on the Gift Certificates link at the top menu bar.

Monthly Seafood Subscriptions

With our monthly seafood subscriptions, you will receive fresh seafood from the beautiful, nutrient-rich Hawaiian waters on the first Thursday of each month for the time period you select. The fish will be our owner Wayne’s catch of the day, a selection of either Ahi, Tombo, Swordfish, Ono, Mahimahi, Kajiki or Nairagi, depending on what is the most delicious and freshest that day!

Subscriptions are available for 3 and 6 months. You will receive six 8 ounce steaks in our packaging system, which is guaranteed to keep your fish ice cold for up to 48 hours. Delivery is on the first Thursday of each month and a notification will be sent to you one week prior. Our delivery schedule cannot be altered.

Our monthly seafood subscriptions also make great gifts! All fish are caught using eco-friendly fishing methods and go from the ocean to you within 48 hours!

Three Month Subscription ($245)

Three pounds of fresh Hawaiian seafood delivered each month for three months.

Six Month Subscription ($395)

Three pounds of fresh Hawaiian seafood delivered each month for six months.

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