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Six-year-old Keila shares her Poke tips

It’s no secret, we love the Hawaiian dish poke. It’s trending among chefs across the U.S. and for years has been enjoyed as a pupu (appetizer) by many locals here in Hawaii! Poke typically features cubed raw Ahi but can be made with different fish, including one of our favorites, sashimi-grade Nairagi. Six-year-old Keila is a friend [...]

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Cook at home the same fresh Hawaiian fish top chefs are serving at restaurants across the U.S.

For years we’ve supplied landlocked chefs and restaurants across the U.S. with our fresh Hawaiian fish from the nutrient-rich Pacific waters surrounding our great state. To this day we are still thrilled to see chefs, restaurants and home cooks preparing our seafood in a variety of creative ways. Sustainability is top priority; our fish are [...]

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How do you prepare our fresh Hawaiian fish?

We supply our fresh fish to chefs and home cooks across the U.S. and are so thrilled when we spot a photo of the finished dish! Many of you share these on social media and we often see mentions in newspapers and magazines – such as this recent article from The Columbus Dispatch featuring our tuna [...]

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​Cooking Light’s Sustainable Seafood 101

Cooking Light’s Sustainable Seafood 101We are thrilled to have our very own Wayne Samiere featured in the August issue of Cooking Light alongside sustainable seafood advocate Barton Seaver! Here’s a recap of the article on buying, cooking and enjoying fish responsibly:The ocean has been overfished due to the constant demands of the public and the restaurants where they receive their [...]

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